"Wait, you do what?! Who would want pictures of that?! I don't think that's something I would ever want..."

*insert petrified/look of disgust face here*

I don't know how many times I have gotten this reaction when discussing photographing births.  But let me tell you… birth is transformative in every sense of the word, and photographing a birth journey is photographing strength. beauty. anticipation. joy. It is reading and capturing the emotions in the room during one of the most profound and sacred moments in a person's life.  It isn't graphic, and even the most modest Mama feel at ease that photographing birth is photographing emotion.  Period.  

Birth is intense.  You give yourself over to the moment, completely focused on riding the physical and emotional waves of your laboring body, culminating in the explosion of the all consuming, complete and udder joy of falling deeply, instantly and wondrously into the purest love you will ever experience.   

So why would you want to invest in having those moments captured? 

Take it from a Mama who has been where you are…. having your your birth journey photographed gives you the opportunity to have beautiful images to bring all those memories, which can get clouded by the intensity of the experience, back into focus… to remind you of what it looked and felt like in the moment you….

saw your baby take his first breath…saw the look on your husband's face the moment he became her father… first noticed the dimple in her chin… first felt his tiny fingers wrap around yours… kissed her sweet little vernixy nose…

So I ask, who wouldn't want to have those moments captured?  Images of you, rocking the most intense experience of your life, discovering  the strength inside yourself you didn't even know existed…images of your partner supporting and adoring you as you work together to bring your sweet babe into the world… images of you falling in love with the tiny, squishy newborn baby (that will one day grow up to be not so tiny & squishy!), or falling in love with your partner, all over again as you watch him become a daddy for the first (or third) time, holding both you and the life you've created together in his arms (instead of holding a camera!)

"Well, my *insert: partner/mother/doula/etc* has a camera and can just take the photos for free, so why would I invest in a pro?"

The fact is, the birth of a child is an incredible, once in lifetime moment… one which can never be re-shot or re-done if you change your mind.  And investing in a professional ensures that not only your will story be beautifully and artistically captured,  (for a pro should have top notch equipment and practice in shooting in all light conditions, from every angle, in a wide array of situations), but also that your partner and family can be your support system, spending their time holding your hand, kissing your forehead, and supporting you with strength, patience and love throughout your labor. And when baby arrives, he or she can concentrate on holding and falling in love with the new life you've created, instead of holding a camera and taking photos…

If you are interested in learning more about having me capture your birth journey, please give me a call!  I'd love to chat more about your vision for your birth, and answer all your questions.