Story Inspiration

Not sure what story you want to tell? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Reveling {everyday family moments}

My absolute favorite thing to document is the beautifully ordinary everyday lives of the families I serve.  What could be more special to both you and your children than the story of their childhood?  These relaxed, moment-driven sessions capture authentic connections and raw emotions, creating an honest and intimate view of what THIS moment looks like for your family.  No fancy outfits or perfect smiles required.  No sitting still or awkward posing needed.  Just you.  Perfectly imperfect… full of life, love, laughter and maybe even a dash of the ridiculous. 

Storytelling sessions are a way for the past to connect with the future.  A way to combat the fleeting nature of time and preserve your history for decades to come.  To preserve not just what you look like, but who you ARE, in THIS moment. 

And there will never be a more perfect time. 


Waiting {maternity}

Maternity sessions document all the emotions that come along with the waiting.  The calm before the storm.  The breath before the jump.  Preserving these last few fleeting moments before two become three (or three become four, or four become five…) and life as you know it changes forever. 

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Transforming {birth}

Birth sessions document the raw emotions of the day your baby comes earth side. They capture the strength & support of your labor, the tears & triumph the moment your baby enters the world, the relief & joy exploding from every heart in the room as those first cries ring out.

To have your birth story documented in a beautiful, artistic way is such a gift. A gift for both you, and your children, whose memories of this day, {the most important day of their lives}, will be bound entirely to the moments that are preserved in a tangible way.

For yourself, and your children, give the gift of memory.  Give the gift of history.  Give the gift of your story


Welcoming {hours old}

            Hours old sessions capture the beautiful details of the first days of life with your baby.  Held in the first 48 hours after baby’s birth, I’ll meet you at your place of birth and document life as it is as you snuggle, bond, feed and love on your brand new squishy babe.   I’ll record first babies becoming big brothers and sisters, and watch your heart explode as your family becomes something totally new. 

Sort of like birth stories, (but without the birth part), hours old sessions are a great way for Mamas who want those first moments captured, but don’t feel comfortable with having a photographer in their birth space. 


Adjusting {newborn}

            Newborn sessions document your story as you adjust to life with a new baby.  Held within the first few weeks of baby’s life, I’ll create a record of your new normal. 

I’ll capture the fuzzy hair, the chunky thighs, and the wrinkly toes to hold this moment and combat the fleeting nature of time. From snuggles to swaddles, the big moments to the tiniest details… your story will shine through. 

A story of joy & exhaustion, calm & chaos, beauty and most of all… love. 

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Cherishing {breastfeeding}

As a Mama who breastfed my own little one for years, nursing sessions hold such a very special place in my heart. There is something so beautiful, so intimate, and so special about the nursing relationship. And while nursing is ALWAYS welcome in ANY session with me, sometimes celebrating the journey with its own special session is so very sweet, and makes my Mama heart absolutely sing!


Celebrating {milestones, birthdays & gatherings}

            Celebration sessions are perfect for documenting life’s big occasions.  From first birthdays to family gatherings, these sessions create a record of those special moments your family will treasure for a lifetime.